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An online exhibition of printmaking


As some of you will already know, we had to postpone our exhibition which was due to launch at the Whistler Gallery in Ipswich on March 26th, because of Covid-19 restrictions. Instead we have put together an online version for you to enjoy.

The exhibition 'Work', (represented by the scientific equation W=F*d), was created by a group of people who are currently

out of work. They attended our PRESS AHEAD printmaking project, funded by the DWP and the European Social Fund, so

that they could learn printmaking skills to enable them to put on this exhibition. The exhibition sets out to investigate

it feels like to be unemployed and trying to find work.

There is a misconception in this country that those of us who are unemployed don't want a job and are happy to live on benefits. Ask anyone on the PRESS AHEAD project if this is the case and you will be met with a resounding NO!

The great majority of our fellow citizens who are unemployed have good reason to be. They may be carers, have an

illness, have been made redundant, or lack the necessary skills to find work.


We think this exhibition clearly demonstrates what can be achieved if people are given the opportunity to take on a new challenge and are supported along the way to achieve their ambitions.  

Please click the number to visit the Catalogue.

We do hope you enjoyed our virtual exhibition. The actual exhibition took place in The Hold Gallery in December 2020 and I'd like to thank our friends at The Hold for provided us with the space.

Please comment on the work in our virtual comments book which is in the catalogue.

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