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If you have some printmaking experience and would like to develop your own practice, join us at the Tower Street Studio. We offer different levels of access to suit experience.

Independent access

£9 per hour.

Anyone using Tower Street Print Studio for the first time will need an induction which can take up to an hour and costs £15.

You will need to bring: Your own oil-based water washable inks,

(intaglio and relief inks are now available at Tower Street Print Studio)

Your own plate (s) and relief/etching tools. Your own printing paper

Bring a friend - extra people at an independent access session would be charged at £5 per head


We stock a limited range of paper, perspex plates and lino for sale at the studio

  • Somerset yellow 250gsm

  • Fabriano Uncia 250gsm

  • Image Impact card 300gsm


  • Polymetaal J-H 40 Etching Press, with 16x31ins bed size

  • Polymetaal HS-35 Etching Press

  • A3+ Hunter Penrose Nipping Press

  • Small LYON Relief Press

  • Spacious airy studio Area

  • Print Room with wash-up area

  • Secure storage


To inquire about availability and book call: 07990 553662 or email:

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