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As we have a lot of experience in the field of social prescribing, we developed this course with the Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, for people on the stepped care model of recovery, to help them stay well after their clinical treatment finished. While we are happy to discuss working with groups of people who are not well, Printmaking on Prescription is helpful for anyone who needs to focus on improving their general 

 wellbeing, for a variety of reasons, including bereavement, redundancy or because they are unpaid family carers. 

Printmaking on Prescription helps people feel better about themselves and they welcome the opportunity to share this with friends and family, through putting their work in to an exhibition. This is always something that we recommend and is discussed with organisations that want to fund this course, at the outset. 

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In 2021 we were commissioned by the NHS to develop a Printmaking on Prescription course specifically for people experiencing Long Covid symptoms. After a successful pilot we now deliver this for the Long Covid clinics run by the East Suffolk and North Essex Foundation Trust .

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