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Printmaking Workshops

We can deliver Pop-Up printmaking workshops in your venue for groups of up to ten people depending on their age, experience and health needs. We bring everything required, including our presses, but we need you to provide the chairs and tables and preferably access to water, although this is not essential. All our inks are water-based and washable and where possible we use eco-friendly and recycled materials in our workshops.


A whole or half day session can be booked at a time to suit your organisation, but please allow us at least half an hour to set up before we start teaching and half an hour to clear away again at the end of the session. Most half day sessions run from 10am to 1pm or 2pm to 5pm, with full days from 10am to 5pm. We do not provide lunch, so participants will need to make their own arrangements for this during a full day workshop.


We will discuss your precise requirements with you before arranging the workshop and agreeing a price. Please go to our contact page.

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