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Teambuilding Tower St Print Project
Tower St Print Project

A one day workshop runs from 10am to 4pm, with a lunch break in line with your normal arrangements.

If you would like to discuss a tailor-made team-building day for your organisation, please contact Alison here or telephone 07990553662 to arrange a planning meeting.

Teambuilding Sessions

Recent reports indicate that fostering creativity in the workplace is what makes big companies like Apple market leaders, because creativity fuels innovation in every area of their business and keeps them ahead of their competitors. Taking part in a creative activity is also proven to boost our mental health and wellbeing as it reduces our stress levels and helps us to feel more positive and able to cope with pressure both at work and at home, 

In our experience, a day of printmaking with us is completely different to many other teambuilding days on offer. We together on a creative project is a great way to help people to think differently about co-operation in the workplace. This is because it brings your team together in a relaxed way, allowing them to explore their ideas both verbally and visually in an environment that does not have the normal constraints of corporate heirarchy. This freedom can spark unlikely outcomes that are shared equally.

Working in a creative environment also breaks down social and institutional barriers, helping teams or individuals to form new bonds and learn more about each other.

Focusing on the physical process of printmaking allows participants to engage with their work without having to explain their reasons for doing so. It also helps them to discover a creative side of themselves that they may not have realised they had.

How a Teambuilding Session Works

Through discussions at the planning stage with your H.R. team, we tailor the workshop activities for your organisation. You may have a specific idea you want to explore or you may need a little guidance. Either way, we will come up with a plan that will meet your objectives, and we will agree everything with you beforehand. You can choose to work on individual pieces or on one collaborative piece and you can also choose to have work framed for display in your premises, as a permanent record of what everyone achieved on the day.

We like to keep workshop numbers to a maximum of ten people as this allows for one-to-one tuition and gives people time to develop their own ideas and produce a completed piece of work. If you have more than ten members of staff we can arrange to do a follow up day to ensure everyone gets a chance to take part in a workshop.

We begin with warm up activities to help everyone taking part understand the processes and methods we will be using and participants will be encouraged to experiment with textures and mark-making. For both relief and intaglio processes,we use safe-wash inks which are water based and eco-friendly, so no solvents or oils are used. Whether you decide to work on one large piece of art or several small pieces, everyone will have created an original artwork by the end of the day.

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